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  • Project Management
  • Project Design
  • Electrical Installation
  • Planned Maintenance
This allows us to operate in the following fields:
As we have demonstrated our Expertise and Experience of Our Staff gives us confidence in taking on contracts to the value of £3.5 Million.

Project Management

All our projects are managed by our dedicated and experienced staff, we believe that in addition to the Electrical Industry Standard our project / contract managers bring individual specific expertise, whether this is Data installation or Maintenance contracts, we have the ability to address any situation.

Project Design

All the Mangers are fully conversant with the design in all types of installations associated with the electrical industry. To assist in our design Manstals run a fully computerized office utilising programs such as

  • Amtech 2007 Pro design for distribution and cable calculations.
  • Amtech 2007 Protect for establishing protective device characteristic curves & demonstrate how protective devices and their settings can be selected to maximise discrimination under fault conditions.
  • Amtect 2007 Fast Test enabling all our test documentation to be validated and stored electronically  ready for issue
  • AutoCAD 2006 for drawings
  • Office 2003 for general correspondence.
  • All of this is run utilizing Microsoft XP via a Server.

Electrical Installation

The majority of our staff / personnel have been with the company in excess of 15 years, some even go back to conception, and the same dedication and experience held by the managers is very much prominent in the personnel at site level.

Audits are carried out on all sites on a regular basis ensuring only the highest standards are met and maintained in both health & safety and quality of workmanship.

The results of these audits are made available to the relevant clients and are assessed and considered when implementing toolbox talks and planned training.

Planned Maintenance

We also offer our expertise in preventative planned maintenance packages, we appreciate and understand that in today’s environment, a number of essential services need to be maintained and managed, in addition when things do go wrong you need the assurance and reliability of a contractor who can put it right.

We believe we are that contractor and have the in house ability to design a planned maintenance around your needs and be ready and available when required.

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