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Manstals Quality Assurance System is constantly being improved to become more practical and user friendly. The ongoing development of such a system involves working closely with the assessment engineer to ensure that all criteria for the certification is being met.

Manstals values the life, health and welfare of its employees and sub-contractors and is therefore, totally committed to reducing risks and improving working conditions. Safety planning begins early and is an integral part of our Quality Assurance procedure.

For Manstal the provision of the correct equipment, protective clothing or plant & all necessary specific training given to our employees is paramount in achieving the safe execution of any area of work.

Prior to and whilst the works are ongoing, we carry out both Health & Safety and Quality installation audits on a regular basis throughout the duration of the project, these reports are also made available to the client.

On completion of the works we pride ourselves on the information submitted as part of the clients healthy & safety documentation / test certification. 

Manstal Ltd are committed to ensure that systems are in place to prevent the use of
slave labour or people trafficked for labour purposes or who are working against their will.
This policy applies not only to the company but the suppliers and sub-contractors that it uses.

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